Veggie Magazine: A Review

I’m not sure how (considering this is Issue #87!) but I spotted the Veggie magazine for the first time last week. I thought it would be interesting to see what’s happening in this sort of magazine, and here’s what I thought:

Veggie Magazine // life of kitty

The cover of the Veggie magazine just jumped out to me on the shelf. Such a bright blue, delicious looking food and seeing Gino D’acampo’s face in my quick flick-through had me sold. At £3.99, it’s an average sort of price for a magazine, and I would say on the cheaper end – worth it in my opinion for the 106 pages filled with goodness.

The first half of the magazine was pretty much filled with recipes, with a few informative pieces mixed in such as eating clean, and different types of oils to use. The recipes in this issue range from falafels, soups, red pepper and edamame relish, nut butters, salads, vegan tarts, cakes, pastas, spring rolls – there’s a huge variety – and whilst some aren’t to my taste, it makes me want to try more. There’s also a handy page towards the back which lists every recipe mentioned in the magazine. If you’re not that interested in recipes and just want the lifestyle and informative veggie pieces then I would probably avoid this one!

Veggie Magazine // life of kitty

The second half of the magazine includes a bit of beauty, home and fashion, identifying cruelty free brands and giving you décor ideas. There’s also a little bit on veggie friendly places to visit around the world. I’m dreaming of visitng Ti Sana in Italy… though I’m not sure about the apparent £2,400 price tag! I liked the ‘Veggie recommends’ page in particular, because there’s a few different food brands that I’ve never heard of or tried, and I think that would be a good way to discover new things.

Veggie Magazine // life of kitty

Overall, I liked this magazine. I would prefer to have more lifestyle article pieces (like the one by Lucy Porter!) but I enjoyed looking through the recipes too. You could build a huge recipe bank using this magazine every month. The photography inside is great, and I just love the whole feel of the magazine. It feels light, happy and helpful. Will I buy it again? Probably – but it won’t be every month.


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