My Top Christmas Candle Scents // #2 of Blogmas ’16

How many times have I mentioned candles on here since Summer turned into Autumn eh? Too many probably. Well they’re here again. All bloggers love candles though right? And at this time of year, you want nothing more than to settle in to cosy pyjamas, grab a hot chocolate and sit by candle light… or is that just me?

Favourite Christmas Candles // #2 of Blogmas '16

If I were to list my favourite scents, they would include cinnamon, spices, orange and berries. With Christmas candles, you can hardly move for all the cinnamon and spicy scents and it is like heaven for me. I have a lot of wax tarts from last year because I bought a huge pack of them and just didn’t get through them all. Over the past few weeks I’ve just been making my way through my votives so I’ll be digging the wax burner out to start burning through some of these instead!

Candy Cane Forest is one I’ve discovered this year and is part of the home range. I’ve only seen them in Asda & Tesco so far, it’s not in the actual Yankee shop as far as I can tell. It’s sweet and minty and I could just have it lit all year round. My votive has nearly run out so I’m definitely going to get one of the big jars! Yankee Candles in Tesco are all on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment… Just in case you wanted needed any.

The others are old favourites and are basically all just a mixture of different spicy scents, with the exception of Snowflake Cookie of course. That’s another sweet one – just for a little change in scenery. It still actually has cinnamon in there, but it’s mostly vanilla and like sweets.

You could say I’m obsessed. I cannot deny it.


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