My Top 3 Book Genres

What’s this? A book post?! I haven’t actually written about books properly for a while. To tell you the truth, I just haven’t been reading lately and it’s really getting to me so I figured I’d do a little post about some of my favourite genres to read.

top 3 book genres

The thing is, I want to read but I just can’t make myself take the time to actually sit down and grab a book. Anyone get that? I’ve been listening to audiobooks on my commutes each day, but it’s not quite the same. I mean, we’re over half way through the year and I have only read 19 books. I am 20 behind on my Goodreads challenge – what is all that about eh?! Anyway… These are my favourites to read!


I feel like these all fit together really. You don’t often find a crime/detective book that doesn’t have mystery or a bit of a thrill in there. Mystery books are ones that I can always turn to and know I’ll enjoy. I’ve got that twisted curiosity into crime/murder/bad things and I like it when a story has a really big crime or mystery to unravel – especially when they manage to keep you guessing!

If I had to choose one favourite off my shelf, I’d choose Scarred for Life by Kerry Wilkinson. His DI Jessica Daniels series is huge – this one is #9 and I hadn’t read any others so I really need to read the rest. This kind of book is easy to read as a standalone, though the majority do end up having big series behind them following one or two detectives. Sherlock is also a big ‘un – I read them all last summer and it took forever but it was worth getting through the few boring ones for the really amazing ones.


Basically, all things otherworldly and/or strange. Obvious books include Harry Potter, LoTR and Game of Thrones but also stuff like The Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass and His Dark Materials. Witches, Vampires, Monsters, Daemons, creatures and strange worlds… I love it all. This is so different to the genre above, yet also so similar. I like the mystery and the action that you get in fantasy, as well as the added bonus of it being a completely made up world with random creatures and magic. Fantasy is a genre that you really get sucked into. You can completely envision that world and feel like it actually exists.

Contemporary YA

So often people group Young Adult books as one thing, as though it’s a genre. But realistically YA contains pretty much every genre that exists, and simply saying that you like YA fiction could include anything. I love reading YA fiction, and I’ll read pretty much any genre in there but if I had to choose I would say contemporary. YA books tend to cover a lot of really important things, like mental illness, physical illness, LGBT, relationships/heartbreak, abuse and so much more. They cover this kind of stuff, yet still feel lighthearted and not too heavy. I think they give a really good understanding of these kinds of things and really help to spread positive messages and awareness. One of my favourites from this year definitely has to be The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson.


If you read my Top 6 TV Series you’ll have seen that crime/mystery and fantasy features heavily in those, and it’s really no different for my book choices. Most of the time when I’m stuck on what to read it’s either a mystery or contemporary YA because for me they’re easy reads. I do find that fantasy can be a bit harder to get into, but when you find a series you enjoy it’s hard to stop at just one. You get completely sucked into that world.

What about you? Any particular favourites?