Time for a quick life update!

life of kitty sunset photoSince finishing university, all I have done really is work, eat, sleep and job hunt. Oh and the odd exercise class when I have a day off work! I’m still in Carlisle until the 7th July, working at my part time job up here. I’ve been doing around 43 hours per week, and damn, it’s tiring. And then I’ll be off home, and back to living with my parents! It’s going to be weird, and although it’ll be lovely to have them around me again, I’ll definitely miss the independence. That’s why I’m searching and searching for a job, hoping to find one that’s full time and preferably above minimum wage. It’s hard to save when you’re on minimum wage! Ideally, I’d love to be in my own little flat by 2016. It’s a goal!

Whilst job hunting, I’ve been doing a bit of personal research. Looking into blog things, such as furthering my SEO and marketing knowledge and looking at specific industry models and systems. It’s something that I’m really interested in, and I just want to improve on all knowledge! I’ve also been researching wildlife-y things, just to keep me (even more!) busy.

katielouisephotography website homepageAlongside all that, I’ve been updating my professional website. It now shows some of my past projects and work (still being uploaded!), as well as having a blog on there. I’m really happy with how it is looking, and it feels good to finally have a working website where I can showcase my media work properly. I’d really appreciate it if you had a look and let me know your thoughts!

You may also notice that the blog design of Life of Kitty has changed – again! Yep. I wasn’t happy with the last design I made, and yesterday I decided that it needed to be changed. I’m pretty happy with it now, and it will be staying like this. I may make a few minor tweaks, but I’m hoping to keep it like this for a good while now! It looks a lot neater than it did before, and I like the minimalistic feel it has now.

That’s my life update for now. My actual degree classification is due to be released on Friday so, if all goes to plan, soon I will actually be able to say how I’ve done! And hopefully in the next few weeks (or months…) I will be posting about a new job!
Right now I feel a bit like I’m in limbo – no real idea of where I am or what I will do next. It’s all a work in progress I guess.