Thoughts: #LikeAGirl

Lately I have been watching a lot of youtube videos to get new ideas for my smashbooks and also looking up Filofax set-ups. Now, very rarely will I watch one of those adverts which appear before the video; quite often I find that they just don’t really relate to me at all. Earlier this week, I was waiting for the timer to count down when something caught my attention, and I found myself watching the advert right to the end. If you haven’t already guessed, this is the advert that I saw:

This advert has such a powerful message, helped along by the way the advert was done. My favourite part was seeing the reactions from those who did the silly actions to begin with. I guess sometimes you don’t realise how insulting #LikeAGirl can be, because it is so often seen and heard. I’m sure I’ve even said it in the past. I thought it quite amazing really to see the younger girls doing the actions to their best ability, not even thinking about how those words are usually meant.

Since watching it, I’ve noticed it appear on my twitter feed a few times, and also on my facebook. I really hope that this video continues to make its way around social media, and that many more people choose to watch it. I’ve done this post because I wanted to share the video. #LikeAGirl should not be used as an insult. As the video said, we should be trying to lift a girl’s confidence, not shatter it.

“What does it mean when I say run like a girl?”
“It means you run as fast as you can.”