Things Learnt As A Car Owner

As you may know (or not?) I passed my driving test wayyy back in September. It feels like forever ago yet I also still feel really new at driving. Actually, it’s only just been eight weeks since I did pass. Still a baby driver! Anyway, two and a half weeks ago I finally got my own car!


Car Hunting Is Damn Hard Work

I mean, no one told me it would be easy, but I went in quite naively I think. There are a lot of things you have to consider, especially if getting an older car. I was completely torn between going brand new and getting on one of those ‘just add fuel’ kind of deals, or getting a used car. In the end I went used because I didn’t want the commitment that comes with a car on finance. I don’t know what the future holds, and to be honest I’m hoping to go travelling/work abroad in the next three years so being tied to a car wasn’t that great of an idea. We missed two cars that I really liked! A red C1 and a light blue C3.

The Feeling of Freedom From Your First Car

I’ve driven in my mum’s for a year and we shared it when I passed, so to finally have one of my own just feels so good. My only requirement for a car really was that it wasn’t silver. Anything but silver. I decided on this little Citroen C1. It’s small, black and is really cute! It’s the perfect first car for a little run around, and it’s doing the job just fine. I actually love it. Not having to rely on anyone else but yourself, no public transport (expect when I work in Manchester because I am NOT brave enough to try the motorway there yet ha!) and no having to set out to work ages before I start. I love it.


Everything Feels So Different

I’ve stalled in this car more times in these past two weeks than I did in my mum’s car the whole year. The gear stick is SO different, the clutch is super sensitive and I’ve got to remember to turn my lights on because there’s no automatic setting… First world problems right? I’m pretty much used to it now. Still stall occasionally, but more like twice a week rather than twice a day. I learnt in a Renault Clio, and my mum’s car is a Renault Clio. Probably would have been easier to just buy a Clio.

Using A Key Is Weird

So I’ve been really spoiled with my instructor’s and my mum’s cars. Both of them are keyless, and work with a simple press of a button. I’d never used a key before this one. The most annoying thing is restarting the car after stalling. In my instructors I could simply push the clutch back down and the car would restart. With my mum’s, it was a little more work and I had to press the on button to restart the car. With the C1, I have to turn everything off and then turn everything back on with the key. It sounds simple, but it’s like three more steps or something haha. This one is definitely a first world problem.

Singing To The Radio Cannot Be Helped

I’m not a singer. I don’t sing in front of people. In my car however, I let it all out. It’s just too tempting to sing along, and I totally get it now… Plus I get to have my own CDs on now so that’s always a positive. I do find myself occasionally listening to Smooth radio – that’s what happens when you’re so used to your dad playing it constantly. I don’t miss the Paloma Faith CD though, no.

Knowing Where To Go

Suddenly I’m all alone in the car. I have to know where I’m going or at least not panic reading road signs. I haven’t actually been anywhere out of the ordinary on my own yet. Just to work and the gym and back… Soon. It’ll happen soon. Next week I’ll be driving to the pub quiz for the first time, so that’s new! I’ll hopefully have someone in my car with me though.

I’m sure many of you have fond memories of a first car… would love to hear them!


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