The Stationery Lovers Club – HoneyTree Post*

Stationery Lovers Club is a subscription box from HoneyTree, delivering a selection of beautifully crafted stationery every month. This unique stationery can be sent, framed or shared with the main goal: to #CreateABuzz

Honey Tree Stationery Box | Honey Tree Stationery Box |

Look on the HoneyTree website and you will simply be in awe of all the beautiful stationery and wonderful illustrations on there. I sure was when I discovered the website, so I was very happy when I discovered I would be getting the November box delivered to my door!

I was pretty excited when it arrived looking all fancy – just look at that box! Not gonna lie though, the fact that it had my blog URL on also excited me… Upon opening I spotted a little business card with the #CreateABuzz hashtag and some other company information on there, and then I had the little ‘newsletter’ to read, telling me what the box’s theme was all about and mentioning the charity they help.

The awesome spotty tissue paper was hiding away all the goodies, so I quickly unwrapped and pulled everything out. What did I get? As you can see in the photo above, I got three cards (all Christmas related of course – 38 days to go!), a print, some gift tag stickers, place name cards (is that what they’re called?!) and some paper and envelopes as a writing set. This box is obviously themed for Christmas, with the newsletter stating that it was inspired by the ‘impending party season’.

So the illustrations – as I touched on above, they are brilliant. The colours are printed onto the cards, and are very rich and vibrant, making them stand out easily against the bright white of the card used. Inside they are empty, leaving you tons of space to write a personal message, and the back of the cards have the HoneyTree company information. I’m one of those people who love to buy random cards or postcards and stick them on my wall. Sometimes framing them, but often just sticking them up so they make my room look pretty. If I were to be selfish and keep all these paper goods to myself, that is where they would end up.

The gift tags will be perfect for using on the presents that I’m giving this year (I’d better get shopping eh…) and I really like the place name cards. They’re simple, but look great, and I think I’ll use them for sure this year as we’ll be having 9 people around our table for Christmas dinner. (10 if you count the baby!)

So the quality – that’s obviously important right? Rest assured, everything has been printed on what feels like a luxurious card, and the actual cards say that they are made with sustainable paper! The writing paper also feels great, and isn’t too thick either. The paper goods definitely feel like a high end brand, and you would expect to be paying more for them, which is why I think the price of this box is pretty good.

Honey Tree Stationery Box |

The Stationery Lovers Club box costs £15 per month, but if you want to subscribe for a few months at a time that cost does decrease depending on what you choose. The lowest price would be £10.50 per box for a 12 month subscription. There is also a Young HoneyTree subscription box for children, costing the same amount. And one of the best parts? For each subscription they donate £1 to Post Pals, a charity that focuses on helping sick children by brightening their days with cards, letters or gifts.

I’m definitely wanting to try out another box; I just can’t say no to gorgeous prints on cards! Maybe more of a luxury box to get, because as much as I want to believe I do, I don’t need any more stationery items, but a box definitely worth trying at some point!

*I was gifted this box, but as always all thoughts are my own. I would not review if I didn’t like it. (We all know I love any kind of stationery, right?)