The Kindle and its leather cover.

imageI have had my kindle for almost two years now, after having received it at Christmas from my boyfriend! Now, I imagine that if you are interested in the kindle, you will have read dozens of reviews online. Being two years late, I’m not going to review the actual kindle, but I want to talk about the cover that I have, and how my kindle is holding up after two years of heavy use!

I have used it almost every day for the past two years. It always gets chucked into my bag, no matter where I am going! This is one thing I love about the kindle – it is light and easy to carry around.

I have this cover in the colour Wine (it was bought at full price!) and I have had this on since the day I got it. It is difficult to photograph the colour, but the top view is most similar! It is quite a dark colour. Now I think some people will be shocked at my leather case, but I’m someone who doesn’t believe in keeping things absolutely perfect – if you’re going to buy it, then you have to use it properly. I love the fact that leather will age in the way it does, and I’m not scared to just throw my kindle in my bag with my keys and whatever else is in there! I like it looking ‘used’.

The front and the back.

Now the front is very marked, and the back isn’t as much. I think this is probably because my bag is always ‘organised’, and that means that my kindle is always put in with the back at the back of my bag… So nothing will scratch it from that. It doesn’t look as obvious in real life, just in certain lighting.

Opened up, the microfiber material inside is there to protect the screen, and it definitely works! My screen has not got one scratch on it! Because of the leather, this cover folds back very easily, making it easier to read!

Now the right hand side of my actual kindle has started to peel, and I imagine this is just because my thumb is usually there waiting to turn the page! I have been trying to hold it a little different to minimise this xD It isn’t really a big deal though!

Here you can see the top of the case, looking a little battered! I will admit, I have dropped my kindle many times. You can tell from the scuffed corners! That said, I haven’t had a problem with my kindle yet, so this case obviously does protect!

And finally here is the side. The leather has creases from being folded, but still feels strong!

I keep seeing really cute kindle covers that I think I want, but then I think about removing this one and I just can’t! I love it the way it is. It looks used, and it shows just how much I use it! Plus, I love the colour, and I just love how simple it looks!