The Color Run Manchester

image Sunday 21st July – The Color Run Manchester

Now The Color Run is a well known running event in the US, and has only just come over to the UK! The first Color Run over here was in London a couple of weeks ago! This is a 5k race in which you will be covered in paint powder at every 1k marker! The only rule is that you have to wear white!

When I heard that The Color Run was coming to the UK, I was so excited! Even more so when I found out there would be one at Manchester! I have been jealously watching the US show photos from their runs and wishing that I could take part!

That time finally arrived on Sunday! Here I am on the left, looking as white and clean as ever! And below is the end result – myself and my boyfriend looking very colourful!

It was a really fun race, and there were people of all ages! I don’t know how many people there were, but it was definitely well into the thousands… I think they had 5000 ‘spaces’ so probably nearer to that number! We were split into groups of people, and they let a few hundred set off every few minutes. We actually started at 3:15pm, and considering it started at 3pm we weren’t waiting long to start!

We did queue up forever at the Dulux tent at the end, only to discover that the photos were being taken on ipads! We were not impressed! Nevertheless, we got a photo of us jumping taken (we had waited for at least an hour!) and got the free print. Mine was okay, my boyfriend’s was brilliant… xD If I had known it was an ipad photo, and not an actual camera then I probably wouldn’t have bothered!

Right after getting a big splat of purple powder in the final colour celebration!

I did take disposable film cameras, so once I get those developed I may post some more photos!


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