Taking Stock #4 – 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

It’s been a while since I posted a 101 in 1001 update and I have managed to tick a few things off! I’m actually debating going through these goals and changing a few because I dunno, 1001 days is a long time and already I’m just not interested in some of the things I was when I started it! Hmm. My grand total so far is 24/101.

Taking Stock #4 - 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

#15 Run a sub-30 5k

I have been wanting this for SO long, and I finally hit it back in October, going over the line at 29:48. I was really surprised with myself because this 5k PB is at my local Park Run – a hard and hilly circuit! My average time on that course is around 31 minutes with me pushing hard, so this one week I must have had super legs ha! It’s a sub-30 though and hopefully I’ll get that as my normal pace in the next few months!

Taking Stock #4 - 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

#60 Start a photography project

This was kind of accidental, and it is just through phone photos, but I think it still counts. I took the first few photos and then I thought you know, how cool would it be to photograph this spot at every Park Run that I do? These photos are just from the beginning of October and already there’s so much change. I love it! I possibly have landscape photos for about half of these, which would be better to use as I think I could make a video after a good while running though all the different photos. I do still want to start a photography project with my DSLR though – I’m thinking a 52 weeks for 2017?

Taking Stock #4 - 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

#2 Buy a car

Yep, this news is here again. It was on my 101 in 1001 though and I haven’t officially ticked it off yet. I’m still learning with this car, though I am pretty much used to it now. All depends on what the weather does I guess – I’m terrified of the thought of snow and ice because I’ve never driven in either!

Taking Stock #4 - 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

#54 Guest post on another blog

I’ve done a few guest posts now for Subscription Radar, but here’s my latest one for Boxcitement’s Birthday Box*! If you’re looking for a new subscription box then you’ll find plenty of reviews on this site, with boxes ranging from absolutely anything. There are so many!

Taking Stock #4 - 101 in 1001 // #16 of Blogmas ’16

#95 Do a Christmas shoebox

Okay so not technically a shoebox, but it is a box and it’s filled with Christmas treats for someone in need. It counts. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and I’m glad Co-Op advertised this #ReverseAdvent and gave me the push to do it. It’s nice to know that I am actually helping someone (or a family!) in need this Christmas.

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