NatStatWeek: Stationery Box Reviews

Everyone loves a subscription box, right? There are sooooo many on the market now, be that beauty, food, pop figures, books, game stuff, stationery and more. The list really is endless now. I’ve tried a few, but honestly they’re like a black hole that’s hard to get out of, and I don’t have the funds to keep that kind of thing up! That’s not to say these boxes aren’t worth it – they usually are! And hey, when a box tells you to indulge your passion for stationery, how can you say no?!

Spotlight Stationery

When I heard about these two boxes, and that I had the chance to try them out, I didn’t have to think before saying yes. I mean, come on, a box filled with gorgeous and high quality stationery delivered straight to my door? Yes please and thank you! I don’t know whether this has come across on my blog (probably!) but I can be a bit of an impulse buyer. I bought one of those 3 night Mcfly tickets on Thursday without a second thought (How could I not?! I’m just hoping my holidays go through now…) but my excuse is that I’d just been paid, and I’ve also missed the last few gigs they’ve done so you know, it was necessary. Anyway, impulse buying. That happens a lot with stationery. My Kikki K Vanskap was an impulse buy too. I could go on…

So yeah, TL;DR I couldn’t say no and well here we are. I received two boxes to review for Subscription Radar and my full thoughts can be found on the website for Spotlight Stationery* and Boxcitement* so go check them out! And if you are wondering about whether to buy into a subscription box, have a look on Subscription Radar – someone has probably reviewed it!

Spotlight Stationery is a box sent jam packed with beautiful stationery, and well worth the price in my opinion! I received quite a lot, including three notebooks, two pencils, a pen, paperclips and some prints. The Circulo notebooks alone made it worth it!

Boxcitement was a little more of a mixture. Prints, crafting paper, a wooden craft, earrings, pencil and a cute handmade decoration. This stuff was all handmade, so it definitely felt more unique. As with all boxes, there is a theme each month so this month was obviously wildlife.


If I were to get any one of these again, I’d definitely go for the Spotlight Stationery because it’s more my kind of thing and you know what? It will probably be an impulse buy…

Have you ever ordered a stationery subscription box?


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