Stationery: Organising with Elba *

Elba very kindly sent me these ‘executive snap wallets’, and I’m really pleased with the quality! They are made out of polypropylene, and claim to be hard-wearing and durable. The wallets definitely feel strong, and the surface means they can be wiped clean if mess does get onto them. The little pocket on the bottom right corner is handy for labelling your wallets – I’ve labelled this one with ‘Professional Development and Consultancy’ as I’ve started using this as a place to store all the work I do that will eventually end up in a portfolio!

Far too often I have opened up a plastic wallet only to discover that my papers have folded over or gotten ripped somehow on the journey. The difference with this wallet is that the papers are all covered, and I think this will solve any papers getting folded! They are less likely to bend this way. (You may notice actually that one piece of my work has started curling in the corner… That’s why I moved it into this wallet instead!)

Coming in at £8.99 for a pack of 5, it may sound a little steep to some, but if this is the kind of wallet you use, the extra money is worth it for the quality!