Stationery: What I’ve got for university – so far.

A little bit quiet on the blog and twitter front this week, but I’m just trying to deal with some personal things. I felt like I needed to get something on the blog today (distractions are great!) so I’m going to show you guys what I’ve bought for university so far and how I’m going to use them!

First up I’ve got myself some highlighters, paperclips and pins. The pins are just for the corkboard in my room, I thought I would get some cute ones for a change! The paperclips are just handy really – I don’t need them for anything specific, I just really liked the designs aha. They will come in handy for my Filofax though I think! The highlighters are a pretty obvious one I guess… For highlighting important notes ;)

I took the plunge and grabbed a Filofax Clipbook. With a 20% off voucher for WHSmiths, this came in at £12 so that was my main reason for purchasing! I actually quite like it so far, and I’m just planning on using it for all four modules as I really don’t think I’ll have that many notes this year – a lot of my work is going to be practical! Now just to fill it with more lined paper…

These I received as part of a competition promotion (go buy something from Oxford or Elba and there will be a code inside which you can use to enter a competition to win Converse!) and I think they’ll definitely come in handy. I love Oxford notebooks, so this refill pad is great for the paper! I’m sure I’ll use this for something! The Elba folder seems pretty sturdy so I’ll probably use this to keep hold of loose papers on my journey to-from uni.

Then of course I have my Original Filofax which is set-up with all my module information and quick research notes. The only thing that I have changed since this video is that I’ve added in these monthly pages from Filofax. I love how they’re set out and I love the tabs. These will be used for important notes – mainly deadlines!

So that’s what I’ve got so far, and I think it’s all my necessities really. Anything else I buy will just be because I want it hahah! Have you started your university stationery shopping? ;)