Stationery: Brimbles Box

It’s March and Anna (or Mrs Brimbles) was kind enough to send me a Brimbles Box to review! We all know that I love stationery, right?

There are three different boxes you can receive: A5 Planner, Personal Planner and Stationery. I chose to go for the stationery box because I don’t really decorate my planner much, and I thought a stationery box would be more useful to me overall. They cost £15 on a rolling subscription, or you can buy a single box for £18. There is also delivery that gets added on, which comes to £3.50 in the UK. If you’re overseas, there is a calculator to see how much shipping would cost for you which is handy.

Anyway, onto the box! I believe all boxes contain the same things, so if you haven’t received your March box yet and want a surprise, stop scrolling!

So yeah, it’s March and that means Spring is on it’s way… Or it should be. The UK seems to be getting confused and keeps trying to snow. This box is an Easter focused one. We got a lovely little note on a super cute postcard!

What did I get? This cute sheep bookmark is lovely. It’s wooden, and I think it would look cute sticking out of a book, notebook, planner or whatever else! I also received three washi tapes, and it was just perfect timing. Just the day before I got my box I had sorted through my washi tapes and realised that actually, I don’t have that many! I don’t even have a purple one so the purple stripes were definitely a nice addition! I have used these and they seem to peel really nicely and stick well.

More sheep! These stickers are felt and so they feel fuzzy like a sheep. I thought these were cute. The to-do list pad paper is just a little bit bigger than a personal planner, but I feel like I could cut a line or so off, and use these in my planner. They’re also handy to just put on your desk!

Oh, isn’t this bunny cute! I was going to stick this in my Smashbook, but I didn’t just in case I wanted to use it somewhere else xD This green pen was a good find – I don’t think I own a green pen like this! The colour is great (excuse the asda receipt…). I actually smashed some of the packaging and wrote a little note, but used a sharpie instead of this pen and was really annoyed at myself!

And finally, I found this little stationery set. It has a pencil, rubber, sharpener and ruler. The designs are cute, and you can never have too many tools can you?!

I really liked this box, and although it isn’t really personalised, I feel like most people would be happy with the items they received just because they are useful/cute/pretty… It’s not something I would pay for every month, but that’s just because I’m a broke student! Definitely something to look at for a treat!

As I mentioned above, I did do a smash book page of this stuff. I filmed it but my laptop kept overheating/shutting down when I was trying to render it this morning so I haven’t put it on youtube yet :( Hopefully it’ll be up soon!