Shock Absorber Back Attack Workout

shock absorber back attack When I saw that Shock Absorber had teamed up with Pierre Pozzuto (a celebrity personal trainer!), to create the Back Attack workout I immediately said yes to joining in. I’ve just moved home from University, and with that have left my gym membership behind. Without a job I can’t join a gym, so these home workouts will definitely come in handy over the next few weeks! Apparently, most people tend to focus on the abdominals – wanting that six-pack – and the back gets forgotten, so the aim of this workout is to get those back muscle developing!

Back Attack includes three 10 minute workouts, and also gives you a warm up and a cool down regime. Each workout isolates a different muscle group, and the sections – ‘posture’, ‘fat burn’ and ‘hourglass’ – all compliment each other.

As well as testing the workout, I was kindly sent the Active Multi Sports Support bra. The fitting was perfect – it was tight, but it was comfortably tight, and I definitely felt well supported. The material is quite thick compared to some other sports bras that I own, but I imagine it’s a pretty durable bra. You know when you’ve washed a cheap one too much, and the elastic just loses shape? I can’t imagine that happening with this one! One thing I struggled with was the clasp. There are two to fasten at the back, and to me it felt fiddly. I’m not very flexible though, so I imagine for most people it would be fine! When I was working out, I totally forgot I was wearing it. Yep, that comfortable.

The workout? It’s a killer! Honestly, I could feel everything working, and I know it’ll definitely do some good if I keep at it regularly. The information on the workout sheets is helpful, and it’s great to have images of the exercise so you can copy. One thing that I’ll definitely have ready for next time is a timer… I know there are apps out there that will let me set a number of reps/times for HIIT workouts, and that would be useful. I have some photos below of me tiring myself out, if that encourages you any?

lifeofkitty workout

And here’s the Shock Absorber AW15 collection – I’ve got my eye on that patterned bra. Isn’t is pretty?!

Shock Absorber AW15 collection

I would definitely encourage you to try the Back Attack workouts! At 10 minutes each, they’re a really quick way to get exercise in and you’ll definitely feel your body working. And if you’ve never worn a Shock Absorber sports bra, I’d advise you to try those too! Always well made and very supportive. You couldn’t ask for more! (Except maybe just more in your wardrobe, right?)

*I was sent the Active Multi Sports Support bra and Back Attack workout to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced.