I like to run. I’m constantly wanting to improve, and that means keeping track of what I’m doing. I had been using Nike+ on my ipod, but the distances were just completely different to those on a treadmill, when using both counters. Now the treadmill is never perfect, but when my Nike+ was almost 2 miles out (telling me I had done more!) I decided that I needed something else to track my runs.

I found runkeeper on the play store, and having already heard of it from tumblr, I downloaded it onto my phone! The app is free, and I believe it is available on apple as well as android! If you look on the Runkeeper website, there are also a few different apps that they list that will upload to the website. Just in case this app in particular doesn’t work for you.

On the left is what I see when I first open the app. It opens on the start activity page, and you should wait until you can find a signal before starting. You’ll need to be outside to do that! There are many activity types that you can choose from, so it’s not just for running! I have yet to try anything other than walking and running though!

The ‘me’ tab gives you a few pages that you can swipe through which gives you averages. This is good to see your activity at a glance!

The ‘activities’ tab shows you all your recent activity.

Now, onto the actual website. Once you have completed your activity, you can send the information to the website and it will appear on your account. Here you can see a more detailed map of your route, your pacing, elevation, speed, mile splits and more!

This app works for me because although my GPS on my ChaCha seems to be a little choppy, it can record everything that I need to know after a run. I can check my mileage and times, and the website will also tell you if you have done a personal record in a specific area! My last personal record was the average pace in a month had improved.

I have not been paid for this review. All opinions are my own.