Review: Sims 4 – My First Impressions

It has been a week now since Sims 4 came out, and I’ve been playing it and trying to get to grips with the new game. I’ve had very mixed feelings about the game so far, but I think overall I’m liking it!

Create a sim:
The new create a sim feature is brilliant, and I’m really loving how it has been done. You have so much freedom over your sim’s body and features, it really does make everything look that bit more realistic. I think the only thing that’s really missing is the fact that you can’t change the heights of your sims.

The aspirations and qualities of the sims have changed slightly, and it seems like maybe a few have been added? You do get less though, and I’m not sure you will get any more throughout playing? I haven’t done enough in the game to know about ageing and all that sort of stuff!

The base hair styles are so much better (and I’ve already seen some great mods online!) and they sort of ‘fit’ better too. I like the new beards/goatees too! There are some pre-set faces/eyes/noses and all those, just like usual. I was pleased to see though that there are a lot of different races (I hope that is the right word!) featured in the presets. When you’re creating your sim you can click on their features, which then takes you to the controls for each one. It’s easier to navigate, although admittedly I did accidentally click features a few times when I just wanted to turn the sim’s head!

Here’s the sim I made today – I thought I’d try the beard and I like it! (Okay, I hadn’t done the outfit yet…)

The body is very much the same. You click click on certain parts, for example the shoulders or waist, and drag to make then wider/thinner. There’s also a couple of sliders on the left which you can use to change the fitness/fatness of the sim. (How can I word that better? xD) On the right you also have the options to use a pre-made body type, and there’s a good mixture so I think that’s really good.

Here’s the family that I made. There’s a feature where you can create a sim using the ‘DNA’ or previously made sims. This works so much better than past ones, and I loved seeing what a sibling/parent/child looked like! I did the girl as the daughter, and then created the boy by using the create twin option. Really love this part!

Building a house:
So the build tools are interesting. I don’t feel like they’re very different, just the addition of building full rooms. I’ve used it, but I didn’t actually keep the room, despite the furnished rooms being perfectly lovely! I found the fence tool really awkward, and then realised I was doing it wrong… I was using the ‘replace fence’ tool rather than build fence, so I can say that all the build tools work well.

One thing that I really, really dislike is the roof tool. I may just be being a little dim (good possibility) but it seems like you can just automatically add a roof. You have to build it on, and I just find it difficult to make it look right!

Having looked through most of the furniture, (there’s loads!) it seems like there’s a better range, and definitely on the colour variations. The wallpaper/floor range seems to be smaller, but each design has a lot of variations so that’s not too much of a problem.

Due to the new parts of the game, there are some items in the build mode which you can only access once you’ve unlocked certain skill levels or aspiration related things. It means you do have to work to get some cool items, and I think that does add to the game.

First impressions of the game:
My immediate reaction was that the game felt really basic, and didn’t seem to have much freedom. However, I may have been feeling this because, for the first time, I’m having to actually put my sim to bed and make them use the toilet. I haven’t done that for years due to the cheat which allows you to increase the need levels! Sadly I can’t seem to find a cheat for this game… It really does change what you can do!

Anyway, the game is really different to Sims 3 and the previous ones, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is a whole new game and everything is basically started from scratch. This really is just a starter game, and I think the features will get so much better when expansions are added.

Loading pages are a little annoying but then the waiting is pretty minimal really and I think it does make the game run a lot faster. I was making my sims/house whilst having this page open and using paint to save screen shots! I could never have done that with Sims 3. I’m also not really a fan of the way you can’t control sims who are in different places, but it’s not the end of the world really. It makes you interact more with what that sim is doing.

I had my sims go on a date to a community lot, and I really liked how you had things to do on the date. A little window pops up and it gives you little tasks to complete to make the date a success, for example flirt, tell joke, chat to date etc. I was also really happy to see the conversations in the bar happening – you could talk to so many sims at once, and it was just like a big group conversation. Like it would happen in a normal group of friends! I think that was such a great feature to add.

Moreover, something that I’ve just remembered (and it’s a big change!) is the fact that your sim can multitask certain activities. So, you could be cooking a meal and talking to another sim or watching tv and eating. It means you can get things done faster, and it also adds to the realism. Really great feature – I haven’t had any problems so far!

I haven’t played too much with careers, or ageing, so I can’t really comment on that, but so far I am enjoying Sims 4. It’s very different to what I was expecting, and I think if you remember the fact that it is a completely new game with a new base (think the original sims) then you won’t be disappointed. It takes time to get used to, but like I touched on earlier, I think it has the potential to get really great with future expansions. You just need to look at it as a whole new game, and not something that’s following on from Sims 3.

This turned out to be a lot longer than planned, but I hope it has been helpful! I have been writing this for at least 3 hours…

If you’re wanting a really in depth review, I thought this one was pretty good, and I definitely agree on their points!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game if you do have it!