5 Reasons To Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

30th January 2019 3 min read

5 Reasons To Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

30th January 2019 3 min read
The Sagrada Familia from the park.

#1 – To Truly Understand the Size of it

Right I know this sounds like a silly point, but honestly you just cannot fathom how big the Sagrada Familia is until you’re stood underneath it looking up. It is HUGE.

My first view of it was when I visited Park Guell the day before. It clearly stood out on the skyline, and you know, you just can’t miss it. But it didn’t really click that damn, it must be tall to be towering over all the surrounding buildings. Even if you don’t go in (though you definitely should) it’s worth just looking at it from the outside.

Honestly, it’s no wonder they still haven’t finished building it…

#2 – To Learn About the History Behind It

I would very strongly recommend booking a ticket with either an audio guide or an actual (human) guided tour. There are plenty of signs dotted about inside that give information, but it’s not the same as hearing it. For one, you’ll actually learn more information from the guide. I felt like I learnt SO much, and it’s really interesting to hear about Gaudi himself, how the plans came to be and how the designs evolved over time even after Gaudi’s early death.

Everything within the Sagrada Familia was meticulously planned, and there was reasoning behind every little thing. It’s an amazing piece of work, even unfinished and even with all the cranes poking out everywhere!

A lot of the guide did mention religion obviously, I mean, it is a Roman Catholic church after all. Each of the facades have been designed around the life of Jesus Christ, so the statues and artwork around the outside all tell a story. I don’t think you don’t have to be from a religious background to find this interesting – the attention to detail is incredible.

View of the Sagrada Familia with morning sunlight shining on the front face.
Details and statues of Mary, Joseph and Jesus on the entrance of the Sagrada Familia.
Details and statues of the three wise men and shepherds on the entrance of the Sagrada Familia.

#3 – Because it’s Part of the ‘Works of Gaudi’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites

And that’s pretty cool right? 7 of Gaudi’s buildings/works make up the ‘Works of Gaudi‘ earning the UNESCO World Heritage Site title. If ticking things off a list is what you enjoy doing whilst travelling, this is certainly a good list to do whilst in Barcelona!

Others include Casa Mila, Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Güell Palace, Casa Vicens, and the crypt of the Colònia Güell. I didn’t visit all, so that’s going on my list next time I go!

Sagrada Familia inside ceiling arches.
Inside Sagrada Familia at front with Christ statue.
Stained glass window reflecting reds and greens.

#4 – To See All the Pretty Colours Inside

Yeah okay, a bit of a superficial one I think? Just look at the beautiful colours inside from all the stained glass and that lovely Spanish sunshine streaming through though. They’re so worth it.

When I said that everything has been meticulously planned – that even includes the windows and the colours. One side has warmer colours, the other gives off a cooler vibe. Something you’ll learn more about if you get the guided tour…

Stained glass window views.
Stained glass windows showing greens, reds and blues.
Flat model of the inside structure of Sagrada Familia
Chapel within the Sagrada Familia
One of the outside facades showing Jesus crucified.
The doors with writing carved full of words. This shows Jesus standing out.
Statues outside the Sagrada Familia, a man sitting down.
The Passion Tower sign showing the height.

#5 – To View Barcelona from Above

You have to book tickets that include the towers for this, and as far as I’m aware you can only go up one of the two options. I went up the Passion Tower. A lift took us up to the top, but a tiny set of spiral stairs were the only way down. Just something to keep in mind.

Apparently the Passion Tower is the higher one of the two, and gives a better view over Barcelona. And as you can see below, it is a great view. Right in the far distance is Montjuic, another great viewpoint to see the city from above.

I always say that getting up high is one of my favourite things to do when I visit a new place. I just love seeing how different each place is with the types of buildings and the colours.

View of Barcelona city from the Passion Tower. Montjuic can be seen in the far distance.
Views of the Barcelona city from the Passion Tower balcony.
Building skyline of Barcelona.
Barcelona pictured through a gated window.
Outside of the Sagrada Familia.

Have you visited the Sagrada Familia before? Would you?

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