Reading: The books on my TBR shelf.

My TBR pile isn’t as big as the ones that I’ve seen whilst obsessively watching videos on booktube, but it feels big to me! I think this is the largest amount of unread books that I’ve had at one time, and I still have loads back at my university flat in Carlisle!

So the ones on the left hand side (From Nation – To Kill a Mockingbird) are all books that I’ve picked up myself from Waterstones, The Works, charity shops and Amazon (though two of these were kindly sent to me – one as a book swap and the other as a giveaway). The ones stacked up on the right hand side are books that I have been sent to review.

Some of these I picked up from seeing reviews and posts about the online, but a lot I just picked up because I liked the look/sound of them. I think there’s a good mixture in there, and also some from authors I’ve read previously and loved, as well as new ones. Is it strange that I have never read any Terry Pratchett books?! I think it is – I want to start on the Discworld but it’s just so huge I don’t know where to begin. If anyone can help with that, I’ll be forever grateful!

All of these books had something about them which drew me in, so I’m looking forward to getting through all of them, but here are the ones that I’m most excited about from each section (bought and review copy).

I’m definitely eager to read this series as I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I think I’ll be starting them after I’ve read my current book and after To Kill a Mockingbird. (Is it bad that I almost wrote Mockingjay then…?) I bought the first and the third in two different charity shops, and was hunting all over for the second with the same cover style and just couldn’t find it – not even online. Now I’m unsure as to whether I have seen it and it just looks different? Anyway, I bought the second quite cheaply on Amazon, and now I’m debating buying the other two with this cover style instead. I like matching series – plus the middle one is the prettiest!

Review copies – I have yet to read any Lauren Oliver books so I’m really looking forward to Panic. I really want to read the Delirium series but I only own the third so that will have to wait… The blurb of this reminds me of Hunger Games but with a twist, so I’m hoping it works well!

When Fraser Met Billy is about a little boy with Autism, and his friendship with Billy, the family cat. Now I am a cat person, if you couldn’t already tell, and this just sounds like a real heartwarming story. Can’t wait to read this!


I also have a lot of books on my Goodreads ‘To-Read’ shelf, and these are some of the books that I’m dying to buy and read, but am stopping myself (for now). I need to control my spending before I get back to university, and I’m also going to attempt to get through the books that I own before getting any more. That will be a challenge…

I’ve linked these photos to their goodreads page so you can check them out for yourself!

Most of these are series, YA and fantasy… Courtesy of blog reviews and booktube. I’ve seriously discovered so many more books since delving into the world of book reviews/hauls on youtube.

So that was a peek into the books that I’m wanting to read, is your list bigger or smaller?! I’m also trying to read more YA so if you have any more recommendations, please send them my way!