Reading – A Book Haul

Over the past two weeks I have picked up quite a few books… 10 to be exact! (In the photo below, lets just ignore the bottom two books – I already owned those!) Now it seems like a a lot, especially when I’m trying to save up, but these books were however very cheap. A lot of the books here are really random, and I hadn’t heard anything about them before picking them up… Some may not be great, but that’s all in the fun of choosing a random book!

It started with The Innocents. I was in a charity shop and just decided to have a look – this one was 50p.
Then my boyfriend visited and very kindly bought me The Butterfly Isles and Otter Country as an early Valentines gift. These were the most expensive, but Waterstones had a 20% off everything sale…

Here’s where the fun starts… I nipped into The Works because they’re having a massive sale (not sure if this is every shop or just Carlisle’s, as the Carlisle one almost got closed down). I chose The Hesperides Tree and The Alchemist . I’ve read the latter, but I thought it was just a book that I should own… Anyway, I got to the till and the two books totalled to £1. I was amazed. Obviously, I had to go back another day. This time I picked up Madame Depardieu and the Beautiful Strangers, Ruby Red, Moths That Drink Elephants Tears…, The Inn at the Top and Eve Green. These five books totalled to £3.49. So yes, from The Works I have managed to grab 7 books for a measly £4.49! I just couldn’t resist. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a poor student like me and you’re trying to build up your book collection!