Reader’s Digest Field guide…

I have been looking for a good tree guide for ages, as I really do need one to help me on my course. I mean, it’s not completely necessary but it’s a good ‘skill’ to have! I’ve gotten better at I.D-ing trees in the last year though, during my course. I found this guide on Amazon, and the reviews for it were great so I took a chance and bought it.

Now my Grandad had lots of Reader’s Digest books in his house, and I have looked through a few of them and I think they are probably worth all the money! This book definitely shows it, though I did get it for less than £2. (Bargain!)

There are pages which show different kinds of broad-leaved and coniferous trees, so you can compare the leaf that you have. These then lead you to the pages needed to properly identify it. It seems really useful, though I haven’t actually used it yet!

This is what a typical page looks like. Lots of information included about the trees as well as good images!

So yeah… I like my new book!