Reaching for Healthier Snacks

We’re two weeks into January now (definitely feels like it should be at least March though… Why does time just seem to stop in January?!) and everyone’s getting over all that ‘new year, new me’ thing. Now that the excitement of a new year is over, it can be really difficult to stick to the healthy eating and the getting exercise. That’s pretty much fact, right?

Well kudos to those still making healthy choices! I’ve actually done pretty well with exercise, and I’ve managed to keep off the fizzy drinks, but eating is another matter. Making healthy meals isn’t a problem most of the time: it’s the snacking that is the problem. I know which snacks I should choose but I often make the wrong choice, so I figured this post serves as a good reminder to me as well as giving you guys some healthier snacking ideas!

Reaching for Healthier Snacks |

Quick Healthier Snacks

First up we have these Graze boxes. Really, I’m using these to signify any kind of nuts, seeds or trail mix kind of snack. Graze is full of these, but there are also plenty of cheaper variations that you can buy in the shops, or you could even make your own mix. These are full of healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals and they fill you up. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a pack of salted peanuts is healthy – no matter how good those taste. Go for the packs that have no extra ingredients like sugars/salts and the like. I’ve got some short reviews of some of the sort-of-healthy-but-not-completely options at Graze here.

Next up – vegetable crisps. I’m not actually one of those people who could demolish two packets of crisps in a couple of minutes. I’m more of a chocolate girl… Nevertheless, the fact that you can eat crisps and still make a healthier choice is obviously a good thing. I’ve tried a few different packs of these (including some in Lanzarote which you can see in the bottom right photo!) and the ones in this photo have been my favourites. I bought them in Aldi, and annoyingly couldn’t find anything online about them, and haven’t seen them since. I also have a review of these here. (And I’ve just noticed that I said pretty much the same thing about crisps and chocolate in that post…)

And finally for quick snacks dried fruit is great. Apparently the nutrients become more concentrated in the drying process, and they are full of good fibre and minerals. I love dates myself – they taste like caramel and they feel a little naughty. If you like nut butter, stuff some in a medjool date and you’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven. I don’t even like nut butter that much, and I just cant’t deny how good it tastes! With dried fruit, you really do have to watch out for added sweeteners though; you want the only ingredients to be the fruit. Nothing else. Your portion size will also be smaller compared to the fresh fruit, but I always feel like a small handful of dried fruit really gives me that burst of energy I need before my workout. That works for me.

Reaching for Healthier Snacks |

A Little Preparation

These snacks aren’t as easy to just grab and eat on the go, and do need a little preparation. The first is fairly explanatory – houmous and veggies. You can easily cut up vegetables in advance and keep a stash in the fridge, but I’d rather just do it as I go along personally. I take this snack into work quite often because it’s filling and healthy. Made out of chickpeas, houmous contains a good amount protein per portion and then veggies are always a good idea right? I’m pretty boring and stick to mostly carrots, but you could use cucumber, pepper, celery and pretty much any vegetable that can be dipped. Houmous is also really easy to make, and you can create so many different flavours.

Something new! I bought the Whole Food Energy recipe book last week, and these Frittatas were in it. Made up of egg and vegetables, they’re really simple and healthy to eat. They make a good snack when you’re feeling particularly tired and hungry, because again they’re full of protein. The ones that I made in the photo turned out to have a sweet kick actually, and they were delicious. The mixture takes around 5-10 minutes to make, depending on how fast you can cut vegetables, and then they need baking for 20-25 minutes. Takes preparation, but you can do a batch, stick them in the fridge and then you’ve got easy snacks for a few days. With three in my house who will eat them, these will disappear pretty quickly!

Last but not least, fruit! It can be the easiest quick snack really, but if you want to make things a little more interesting then taking the time to cut up different fruits and making a fruit salad will definitely help. You could also whiz fruit into a smoothie if you wish. If fruit doesn’t quite fill you up for a snack, you could always add in some nut butter to dip it in, or you could… I may just make a post on how to make fruit and veg more exciting. How about that?


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