Race For Life – Cancer Research UK

Race For Life – The largest women-only fundraising event in the UK.

Image – Race For Life

So my Race For Life is coming up on this Sunday 9th June. I’m running it for all four of my Grandparents – three I lost quite a few years ago now to cancer, and my Grandad is currently battling it. Cancer Research UK raises so much money and all the events that they do are great. They have great atmospheres and people really come together on the day. You will see so many sad stories/notes on people’s t-shirts.

There are so many ways that you can help Cancer Research UK raise money for vital research needed to help find a cure! Examples of volunteering available are working in the shops, working in the office and volunteering on an event day, as well as doing your own thing and raising money for your own activities! You can also donate money at any time.

I’m doing the run with my mum, sister and cousins. The money raised is for your relatives, friends or even yourself if you have been unfortunate enough to have been struck with cancer. We have raised £160 so far, and even just £1 will help.