Preparing For Christmas Eve & Day // #21 of Blogmas ’16

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE! How did we get here so quickly eh? To be honest, I don’t feel that Christmassy. I’ve got work in a couple of hours but then I’ve got my Christmas Eve & Day off… So what have I got planned for tomorrow?!

Preparing For Christmas Eve & Day // #21 of Blogmas ’16

Starting the day with Park Run

First things first, the Park Run Santa Hat 5k… Yes I’ll be getting to the park for 9am to take part in Park Run because hey, it’s Christmas Eve and why not?! Once that’s done, I’ll be meeting the family to do a bit of food shopping. Last minute, yep, but my parents are going on holiday from Boxing Day to New Years Day so this is them basically getting my brother and I some food for the week.

We should have done all that by midday and that’s when the fun can start. To be honest, I’m not planning anything majorly exciting. I just feel like I need to properly throw myself into the Christmas spirit tomorrow to get everything started!

Sweet Treats & Relaxation

There’s still plenty of peppermint bark and ginger biscuits to be eaten, and I’ve also got some brownies to bake (and eat). I’m also hoping to use time during the day to finish setting up my planner for 2017. Got loads of ideas to make it really useful and an easy way to track my running/fitness so I’m just designing bits for that!

It’s actually going to be a strange Christmas Eve because it’s the first in years where we won’t be sat down in the evening preparing veg for the next day. We’re eating out on Christmas Day itself! Instead I’m hoping to get a few games out or maybe a puzzle. Just so we can all come together and enjoy a relaxing evening rather than my brother being on his pc upstairs and me being on the laptop being unsociable!

We’ll also likely watch a few Christmassy films! Not sure what exactly, but I’m thinking Four Christmases, Christmas with the Kranks, Home Alone 2, or one of the many Santa Claus films. Won’t watch all of them, but they’re the ones that spring to mind. Unless there’s something better on tv. I saw a list flying around the other day and the tv film schedule actually looks pretty good this year!

Christmas Pyjamas!

And to finish the night off, I’ve got my new Christmas PJ’s ready! My mum is actually going to wrap these up for me… Yes I picked them, but you know, it’s Christmas Eve tradition to open the first present of pyjamas! Even now I’m 23… How cute are the bears though?! I’ve also got a fuzzy black sweatshirt to go with them and I seriously cannot wait to get into them.

Preparing For Christmas Eve & Day // #21 of Blogmas ’16

As for now, I’m off to work… What are your plans for Christmas Eve?


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