Places I Travelled to in 2018

6th January 2019 4 min read

Places I Travelled to in 2018

6th January 2019 4 min read

When 2018 started, I wasn’t expecting to be able to write about a list of 6 different places that I’d travelled to within the year, with 4 different countries (or I guess 5 if England counts). It’s the most I’ve ever managed in a year, and oh I had some great new experiences. Here’s how my 2018 travel went…

Southern Spain

My first trip of the year was to sunny Spain in March. Though funnily enough, that sun barely showed it’s face. We had a pretty wet few days… Not shown in the photos here of course because we did get a tiny bit of brightness.

I was there for fitness retreat, had some tough workouts, great food and it was just an overall good experience to have. Our villa was based in Torre del Mar, and we didn’t have that much around us to be honest. We spent an afternoon looking around Nerja and then spent a full day in Granada.

The workouts were killer, but also fun, and I enjoyed being away to do something completely different. I learnt a lot about movement, and I also learnt that burpees and then hill sprints repeated over and over are not my friend. Not at all.

Granada is what captured me the most – what a beautiful city! Really loved just walking around, and getting to explore the area. We climbed up a hill to see the view of the city with the beautiful Alhambra in sight, and the viewpoint just had such a lovely atmosphere. Plenty of people, musicians, artists… It was like a lovely chilled gathering.

Centerparcs Whinfell Forest, Lake District

Next up was my trip to the lakes with friends, my first time at Centerparcs! I didn’t really know what to expect fully, but it honestly just felt like I was at a summer camp. And I did love it.

We did the tree trekking, raft building, quad biking, archery… Possibly more that I have forgotten about. Also spent time in the water park and just explored the site. It was good. The lake district blessed us with some nice weather too!

Girl Floating in Sea on Boat Trip

Protaras, Cyprus

July took me to Cyprus. My first ‘hot’ holiday of the year, and oh my it was scorching. I haven’t felt sunshine like this for a long time. It was absolutely boiling and that was just in the shade. But also great. Because I like the heat.

We didn’t do too much besides lounge by the pool, lounge by the sea, eat plenty of food, oh and watch a bit of the world cup. (Note: being on a beach strip with English football fans is really embarrassing and still does not give us a good image – even when winning!)

I also managed to parasail at the beach, go on a boat trip and snorkel in the sea, and even snuck in a run to go explore the local area, finding this cute little Chapel on a hill. I say run, but honestly it was a couple of miles and nearly killed me off because even at 7:30am it was already 20 degrees. It was a good few days away, and I can’t wait to get back to Cyprus this year.

Disneyland Paris

This trip to Disneyland Paris was a bucket list goal, because the aim of the trip was to complete the Disneyland Half Marathon. And that I did! It was such an incredible experience. I dressed up, I stopped for the photo opportunities, and most importantly I just completely enjoyed it.

It was also great to experience Disneyland Paris for the first time in over 15 years or so. Felt like such a child. Enjoyed all the rides, met a few characters and ate some good food. All the important bits. I would definitely do this race over and over again.


A couple of months at home and then I started my December off by travelling to Barcelona in the first weekend. Solo! That was an experience for sure.

Travelling solo is something I’ve wanted to try for ages, and visiting Barcelona has also been on my list for ages, so I was happy to tick both of those off in one go. I always feel quite comfortable in Spain as it’s a country I’ve visited many times whilst growing up, so I knew this would be a good place to start.

Anyway, I loved it. Had some nervy moments but overall it was really good and probably one of my favourite trips from the year.


My last trip of the year was unexpected, but also somewhere that had been on my list for ages. I travelled with my mum, and we spent a few days in Amsterdam right at the end of the year.

It was pretty cold, so I feel like we didn’t really get to enjoy it as much because we were constantly wanting to just get from A to B without freezing up, but I did enjoy the trip. The buildings and canals just make the city look pretty everywhere, and there’s something interesting on every corner. The red light district is a weird one, and the constant smell of weed was something to get used to at first but hey, that’s Amsterdam for you I guess.

We had some really tasty foods (those chips everyone goes on about are worth the hype) and I could probably eat my weight in fresh stroopwafels. Also visited some interesting museums, saw cool art, went on a couple of boat trips, got lost and discovered China town. It was a busy few days!

It’s somewhere I definitely want to visit again, though next time when it’s a little warmer! Mostly because I want to get on one of those thousands of bikes… People aren’t lying when they say Amsterdam has a lot of bikes.

How was your 2018 for travel?