Book Review: A Place For Us Part 1*

image– Harriet Evans
The FIRST of four exclusive part-serialisations of a A Place for Us by Harriet Evans – you’ll be desperate to read on …
The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day. So opens A Place for Us by Sunday Times bestselling author Harriet Evans, a book you’ll dive into, featuring a family you’ll fall in love with … and never want to leave. The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door. You step inside. The hall is cool after the hot summer’s day. The welcome is kind, and always warm. Yet something makes you suspect life here can’t be as perfect as it seems. After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret. But wouldn’t you pay any price to have a glorious place like this?Welcome to Winterfold. Martha Winter’s family is finally coming home.

My thoughts:

This part of the story acts more as an opener for the rest of the series. There isn’t much ‘action’, and really we’re getting to know all of the characters and trying to piece together the big secret. It’s just all a big mystery really.

Admittedly, to begin with I did struggle to connect everyone up. Despite being told in the story, I had to double check who was who’s child more than once, what with the chapters jumping between characters: maybe that’s just me! However, I did really enjoy how almost every ‘main’ character had their own chapters – it really helped to show how each person was feeling and how their life is. Each person was different too, and they were all living totally different lives to one another. It was interesting to see what each person was like, and their own feelings towards this big meet-up.

There are obviously a lot of secrets in the family; not just the big one that Martha is hiding. This mystery had me hooked, and I just couldn’t put the book down. As I was nearing 99% with no inkling of what the big secret was, I had settled with the idea of it being revealed in part 2. As I hit 100% I was shocked, and I think my face probably dropped a little! Brilliant little cliff hanger there!

Although it started a little slowly, and nothing much really happened, this book was captivating. I’m looking forward to part 2, and finding out more about the Winter family! It will be really fascinating to see how they all interact together.

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This book will be published on July 31st, so go check it out!

*Thanks to Headline and NetGalley for sending me this book to review.