Photography: Where I Started

When I first discovered the world of photography, I was a big fan of Flickr communities. I was in a load of groups, I spoke to people, I commented on photos – it was kind of like blogging really! This was before my first wordpress blog existed (but not before Piczo, Myspace, Livejournal and tumblr – oh no!) so I used it as my more public creative outlet at that time. The aforementioned blogs were very much private haha! Anyway, getting back to the point – I loved Flickr.

It was there I discovered the idea of doing a 365 photo challenge, and in January 2010, I set off on that journey. Taking on a 365 photo a day challenge is huge. It pushes your creative boundaries so hard. Some people may find it easy, but I didn’t. It was difficult, and a lot of the photos ended up being strange or random selfies, but there are some that I’m still kind of proud of. Even if they don’t all quite make sense… The thing is, when I look through the album, I can see how I improved over time. My ideas got a little stranger, sure, but the editing got stronger! Here are a few that I really liked – just a heads up, the third image has fake blood in there!

365 DAYS: 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010

[URIS id=6606]

As you can see, some are just downright weird. (I’m still not sure what the clock one is supposed to represent…) I wish I could show you the original of the ‘secret garden’ one but I don’t know where it is. This was a garden gate, straight at the top, with one side full of ivy and the other just a fence. I basically flipped all the ivy onto the other side. So much editing! These inspired some of my photography work in college though. I enjoyed doing the weird stuff – I’m not entirely sure how I ended up moving onto Wildlife haha! After this year I decided that doing another 365 was just too much effort.

That’s where 52 Weeks comes in. Another challenge on Flickr, this one just needs you to show one photo each week. A lot less stressful, but something I still found difficult at times. It’s clear to me though that my photography vastly improved after the 365. I experimented a lot with the brenizer method this year, and I really love the effect. I’ll definitely be trying it more this year – hoping to get some nice shots in Lanzarote this week! I really think that doing a 365 and then carrying on with 52 weeks really helped me to refine my photography. I learnt a lot about focus, exposure, composition and subject matter in these two years. Helped with me going on to study photography at college of course…

52 WEEKS: January 2011 to December 2011

[URIS id=6620]

You can see that my 52 Weeks was a little more experimental, with better editing and quality of photo. Some of my biggest inspirations on Flickr were Lissy, esparist and Joel Robison. Joel especially, I mean, he’s amazing – and he’s still doing it!

The point is, I really miss doing this creative style of photography – making stories, creating different worlds. I’m planning to get back to creating photographs like this. To explore a little more with my creative side. I’ll be back after my holiday with a new Flickr and some new ideas!

Anyone else play with photography like this?


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