Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish*

With Christmas just round the corner (and it is, you can’t keep pretending guys!) it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Now I usually leave it really late and end up panicking, but when Snapfish got in touch I was given a little kick start. I figured what better way to start right? My mum loves this kind of stuff.

Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish |

There’s a huge range of gift items that you can choose, and I think they make for brilliant personalised Christmas gifts myself. It’s not something I would usually think of to do to be honest, but they are simple and effective. Perfect for parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and the like. (Oh and I think especially great for new parents. Who wouldn’t love a photo gift with their brand new baby on it eh?!)

The Desk Calendar

First on my list was this Desk Calendar. So some of you may know that I studied photography (or Wildlife Media…) at university, and spent most of my time the past few years outside chasing animals. Okay, so not literally. But you know, I have a lot of photographs and I didn’t have anything to show them for. As both parents seem really proud of my photo taking ability, I thought I’d create a cute little calendar with all my work! Mum loved it and quickly claimed it for her works desk. Makes sense really considering she is the only one with a desk…

Creating the calendar is really simple. You choose which style you want (I chose desk, obviously) and then you’re in an editing ‘program’ of sorts on the Snapfish website. Here you upload your photos, choose which month they’re going in and then embellish to your hearts desire. Each page can be customised with layout, background colour, borders and a variety of embellishments including phrases, objects, banners and more.

I tried to customise each month so it really reflected that time of year. I think I got it good, right? Anyway, it measures at 10×5 inches and it big enough to read the dates at a glance, but small enough that it doesn’t take up all your desk space. The photos have printed beautifully, and the colours are all bright.

Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish |

7×5 Table Top Photo Panel

Then I have the 7×5 inch wooden photo panels. My main idea behind these was to get the family photo that we had taken at a recent wedding printed. We haven’t had a proper family photo for years, and especially not a printed one so I knew this would be well received.

Now my photo wasn’t brilliant quality – it was taken on a phone – but the image editor told me that it was good enough to be printed and had no problems. I’d lightened it up a little in photoshop first, and I’m glad I did because it has printed quite contrasty. It still looks great, I’m thinking it’s just because of the panel it has been printed on rather than special photo paper. I also grabbed one of me doing the crow pose because you know, motivational and all.

Both came with four slots cut into the back, and one stand piece as you can see below. It means you can stand it either landscape or portrait depending on your design, which is handy. I just like how different it is to a generic photo in a frame.

Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish |

Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish |

Colourful Mug

And, last but not least, the colourful mug. When I spotted this on the Snapfish website, with the splash of red inside, I was immediately hit with inspiration.

My rugby team won the Grand Final this year and our colour is red (cherry to be exact). With so many great memories from that day and the season as a whole, I figured I needed to make a commemorative mug for the household.

Originally I tried designing a mug with a really long panoramic style photograph, but I didn’t have a high quality image and the Snapfish editing tool thankfully told me that it probably wouldn’t print so well at that quality. The collage option came into play and well, that was it! Just look at all those photos I managed to fit on! There were quite a few different collage options to choose from so you could choose to suit the photos that you have.

The colour inside the mug really stands out, and the photos have printed well. It’s also the perfect size for a morning brew. (Or as a pen holder as it is currently being used…)

Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish |

Feeling creative this Christmas? There are so many choices here for cute little stocking fillers, whether that’s photos, calendars, mugs, phone cases, cushions, christmas decorations, keyrings etc. I was impressed with the level of customisation you had on the website, and delivery only took a few days too! I did receive my calendar a day after the other items though as it was sent separately. I’m not sure why, but it didn’t really matter anyway. Just something to keep in mind maybe!


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Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to choose some items as personalised Christmas gifts ideas. All thoughts and views are my own, and as always I would not endorse something I wouldn’t use myself.