Personal: October Goals

This year is going way too fast, but I can’t say I’m not happy that October is here. It means I’m finally getting to start my final year of university! October 2nd, I’m ready!

Anyway, how did I do with my September goals? Not too great actually – oops!

> Join a club at university. (Aiming to join Athletics!)
> Run at least twice each week. (Only once this week because of my tattoo!)
> Sort out my University room – bin things that I don’t need!
> Eat more veggies!

So, technically I have sort of joined the Athletics club – I made contact anyway, and got details for the training. First session is tomorrow, which happens to be the 1st October. I’m ticking that off anyway. I didn’t run twice a week; I ran three times this month. I half sorted out my room – I binned some things! However, I have definitely eaten more veggies this month though, so that’s definitely done!

> Finish sorting room out.
> Exercise 3x a week. I think this one is way more achievable without a set exercise.
> Start Christmas shopping. I always leave it late – this time I want to spread out the spending!
> Try a new recipe.

Do you have any goals for this month? I’d love to read them – leave your links!