Meet the Family.

My (mostly) fur family ;)

The animals in my life are a pretty big deal to be honest, and I think anyone with a pet knows that feeling! They’re cute, fluffy (well, maybe not George…) and they’re (nearly) always up for a cuddle! We recently sort of adopted another cat – my Auntie has been staying with us and so has her cat JD. Living away from home during term time means that I don’t get to see them that often, and I do really miss them!

I’ll start with the odd one out – George. He’s a Horsefield tortoise and we’ve had him for quite a few years… Can’t actually remember how many! We had him in a big wooden box that my dad made out of an old coffee table, but he was constantly clawing at the walls to get out. As of now, he just roams the house freely and has a little corner in the dining room with a heat mat and a light.

He’s usually somewhere in the living room or dining room, but sometimes he’ll be cheeky and attempt to get into the cat bowls in the kitchen! If the room is quiet, a little shuffling noise will tell you where he is.

One of his favourite places to hang out is under the TV. I’ve always wondered whether it’s because of the temperature in that area, or the sound of the TV causing vibrations in the wood. Nevertheless, if you don’t know where he is, that’s a good spot to check!

He also loves to be outside. My dad is always telling me funny stories about George being outside. It turns out that tortoises are actually pretty clever! When the patio doors are open, George will head outside, have a walk around and come back in. Last month my dad said that he left the side gate open and, in less than 5 minutes, George had gone out the back door, through the side gate, through the front gate and out onto the street! He’s a speedy one! My dad actually said: “He is bored with the garden now he has seen it all. When I put him out today he checked the gate then came back in.” George is definitely a right character!

Charlie is my baby. Whenever I come back from uni, she ignores me for the first few hours and then will come sit with me on the couch or sleep on my belly in bed! It’s like she wants me to know that I was nasty for leaving hahah. She’s 11 now, and seems to be either sleeping or eating the majority of the time. You will often find her conked out on my bed or my windowsill… If you’re sitting in Charlie’s favourite spot on the couch, you’d better not get up. Within seconds she’ll be jumping up and your place will be gone!

JD is the newbie to the family. Him and Charlie are still getting used to each other to be honest, although they will eat out of the same food bowl now! JD gobbles his food up really quickly, and then sits and waits for Charlie to finish so he can gobble up the rest of hers! His meow is really high pitched and it always makes me laugh! He’s very vocal, whether you’re letting him back inside, stroking his belly or just passing by. He will sit with you and as soon as your hand touches his fur he’s rolling around and getting as close as possible! Showing his belly is an open invitation for a stroke, and not for an attack like in Charlie’s case!

All three are very different, and it’s great to see them interacting! There’s nothing better than living with animals, even if one cat sleeps in your room and then scratches to get out at 5am, or has been outside for the night and scratches on your door at 8am instead when she decides she wants a lie down… Never a dull moment!

I don’t know why I decided to write this to be honest, but it was great fun to look through old photos! Have you written about your family pets?