Personal: Looking back at 2014

Over the past two days I’ve been trying think of 2014, and the things that I’ve accomplished. Admittedly, I could only think of one thing that I was grateful for and it took to looking through my blog to realise the experiences that I’ve had.

The first major experience (and my favourite!) was travelling to Finland in April. We planned this as a group of three, right from initial country ideas, to writing a plan/proposal, making risk assessments, booking flights/accommodation, contacting people in Finland, finding people and places once there and travelling in country. It was a brilliant learning experience, and once there we got to see and do so much! It is definitely one experience that I won’t forget.

In June I actually moved my blog to self-hosted! I totally forgot about this as it feels like I’ve been self-hosted forever! That was a big change, and I’ve loved having more control over my blog. Writing online content and connecting with social media is something that I’d love to do as a career, and I’ve really realised that this year. I want to work for a magazine or business either in editing or writing, be that in print or for an online publication, and I’m currently figuring out ways to get there!

In the summer, I tried a few different sports out and I loved it! Trying archery and mountain biking really gave me a sense of achievement, and made me want to push myself even more. It was fun to be out of my comfort zone (especially with the biking!) and I just wanted more. Zip lining 820 metres was certainly exhilarating!

In August I was planning a ‘bucket list’ of sorts. I wanted to complete some things before graduating university (summer 2015!) and I came up with a list of 20. Now, in August, my life also completely changed. My relationship of 4 and a half years broke up, I wasn’t expecting it and honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. The list of 20 things however gave me something to look to, and I’m really glad I’d already started planning it! Looking back now, I know it was the right thing to happen. I’ve become more myself, and I feel like I’ve changed for the better. It has been good to focus on just myself, and think about the things that I want for my future. My decisions aren’t hampered by someone else’s feelings, and honestly, that’s the best thing about it. I feel like I can fully commit to myself and what I want.

Once at university, I joined the gym and the athletics club. I’ve since started lifting, and started to get back into running. I’ve been on and off with my diet, but I’ve certainly started taking the right steps to being healthier and fitter. I signed myself up to the Great Manchester Run in 2015 and these next few months will be focused on getting my stamina and speed up. I’ve also been cycling to uni and I’ve loved having my bike with me.

Last but not least, myself and the rest of Wildlife/Adventure Media put up an exhibition, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. I think it was a real learning curve and we had to work together and help each other. It’s nice when things work out, and I was pleased with the result.

I’ve realised that I may have had a few downers, but on the whole, 2014 was pretty good! You’ve just got to take a step back and look at everything rather than focusing on the one thing that went wrong. When I sat down a few hours ago to write this post, I wasn’t sure where it would go. As of now, I feel like I can enter 2015 with good thoughts, and the plans to really work on myself and my wants/needs.

What about you? Have you had a looked at your 2014?