Personal: Life.

“How did it get so late so soon?”
― Dr. Seuss

That quote sums up exactly how I feel right now. We’re already in November, it’s getting dark by 5pm and Christmas is just around the corner!

My final year of university is going so quickly. The first assignment deadline is in a month, and I’ve got an exhibition coming up mid-December. Thankfully, I feel like I am on top of my work, and I have my ideas but I do worry about actually getting good enough photos for the exhibition. However, I’m doing a magazine article so I’ve also got to do a bit of writing to go with it, and that’s the part I’m really scared about – it has to be interesting!

As of what’s happening outside of university, I’ve been keeping myself busy with exercise! I’m really making the effort to get healthier, and have been going to the gym pretty regularly, as well as cycling to uni on some days. Joining the athletics team has also been a great help, as I just generally feel more motivated to get fitter. My real goal is to eat better, get leaner and gain some muscle. Yesterday I bought a load of healthy foods and am attempting to eat better meals, including a good breakfast! Sausage rolls for breakfast are not good, nope! I’m feeling a lot better for doing it so hopefully I can keep it up – I’ve kept the exercise up for a good few weeks now so it’s just the eating that needs sorting.

So as I need to get photography done, for my upcoming exhibition, I attempted that today. Didn’t get the shots that I wanted, but I did go to see and photograph the frogs! I do actually have a photo from this that I think I could use for my article, so we’ll see if it does fit in when the time comes!