Personal: Family trip to Southport.

On bank holiday Monday, my family and I had a lovely day out to Southport. We haven’t done anything like this, all together, in a good while so it was really nice to get out. I think one of the funniest moments was us getting in the car and my dad bringing in bags of pennies. “Right kids, here’s your pennies!” We’re 28, 21 and 18!

Anyway, we started off in Funland and went on the slots. (Yes, I managed to snag the sweet out of the machine!) They’re harder than I remember… After that we had a quick look around shops, stopped off for fish and chips (or in my case sausage and chips) and then had a game of mini golf. I was gutted that I lost, but ah well, it was so funny. Most I’ve laughed in a good while!

I’m just gonna let the photos lead you through. There are some phone photos mixed in.

Do anything interesting on bank holiday? Send me links to your days out!