Penguin Little Black Classics Review: #68 & #80

I only bought two of these Penguin Little Black Classics, and I bought them way back in April. This week I’ve finally gotten round to reading them, and I must say I’m sad I didn’t buy more. I think definitely will have to get some more though – build up a collection gradually ;)

penguin little black classics

#68; The Robber Bridegroom

I’ve read quite a few of their fairytales, and always loved them, so when I spotted this Penguin Little Black Classic I just had to pick it up. I wasn’t disappointed!

These stories are all very short, but also very quirky and I enjoyed them all. I think the way the subject is just written so matter of fact is what makes the Brothers Grimm stories so great, and I could read these all day. Favourites in particular were The Robber Bridegroom and The Devil’s Three Golden Hairs. I need to read short stories more often, because I really do love how quick and snappy they can be.

#80; The Dhammapada

The back of this one says ‘Ancient aphorisms on endurance, self-control and perfect joy, widely acknowledged as the Buddha’s own teachings.‘ and it just drew me in.

So it was a little disappointimg. All the different sections were interesting to read and see what was being said, but it did get pretty boring aha. I’ll fully admit – I started skimming towards the last two thirds of the book. It’s something to look through though.

What did you think of these books? I’ve actually just ordered a few more of these little black classics. I had an amazon voucher so I ordered these and the new illustrated Philosophers Stone. Excited for those to arrive!