4 Things to Think About When Doing a Race Abroad

13th October 2018 6 min read

I recently did the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, and whilst I’ve done many, many races in my running time so far, it was my first race in another country. It’s not that different in all honesty, but obviously you are a lot further away from home and your race prep…

Staying at Hotel Cheyenne in Disneyland Paris

10th October 2018 7 min read

Hotel Cheyenne in Disneyland Paris When staying in Disneyland Paris and picking an on-site hotel, you’ve got quite a few options choose from. They range from the lowest budget ones at just 2* such as Hotel Santa Fe and Hotel Cheyenne, going up to 5* with the Disneyland Hotel. There…

The Third Quarter – Hello Autumn!

1st October 2018 4 min read

The third quarter has been a lot busier compared to the second, with plenty of exciting things happening. Autumn is definitely arriving too. I’m not a fan of the cold at all, but I do love the colours that Autumn brings. Plus the hot chocolates. I’m always here for the…

The runDisney Half Marathon in Disneyland Paris

30th September 2018 7 min read

Oh the Disneyland Paris half marathon. It was always a big dream, in fact I even mentioned it on my bucket list races, and when I booked it last year, it felt like the weekend would never come! There are various races that happen within Disney, with I think the…

Tackling Tough Mudder North West 2018

16th September 2018 8 min read

Affiliate links have been used in this post. Last year my friend and I decided it would be a great idea to sign up for Tough Mudder. Never done it before, always wanted to do it. We just went for it. And I’m so glad we did.   I’m not new…

Easy Ways to Add Protein Powder into Your Diet

8th September 2018 3 min read

This post has been written in collaboration with Scitec Nutrition. I’ve always gone through phases of using protein powders. They’re not something that are absolutely necessary when working out often, but they can be an easy way to bulk up your meals with protein.  After running long distances, I really…

12 Weeks Into Online Running Coaching – Is It Worth It?

24th August 2018 4 min read

Back in May I was gifted a membership on Runner’s Connect and started with their running coaching plan. I wasn’t asked to do a follow up on the online running coaching plan, but here I am writing one 12 weeks down the line because quite honestly it has completely changed…

How Couch to 5k Works to Get You Running

5th August 2018 4 min read

“I’m not cut out to be a runner,” “My body just isn’t suited to it,” are both things you hear time and time again. And you know what, it’s true – not everyone can automatically just run when they first try. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become a runner….

Parasailing in Cyprus on the Eastern Coast

2nd August 2018 3 min read

Parasailing in Cyprus I knew that the one thing I definitely wanted to to when I travelled to Cyprus was parasailing. I’m just a sucker for a good view from high up, and this seemed like a great start. I’d already visited the Chapel of Prophet Elias – but I…

Chapel of Prophet Elias in Protaras Cyprus

23rd July 2018 3 min read

Journey to the Chapel of Prophet Elias It’s 7am, the air con is blasting and the hotel room is dark. I quickly shut my alarm off, get dressed and slather myself in sun cream. And lots of it. I grab my running belt, my cap and my bottle of water…

The Second Quarter – Summer Has Arrived

3rd July 2018 3 min read

It’s time for the second quarter update. How mad is that? It feels like weeks ago since I was writing about the first quarter of the year, not months! Now we’re half way through the year summer is well underway, and we’ve been treated to weeks of hot, hot, hot temperatures….



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