Organised Mum inserts for Filofax.

Okay, so whilst admittedly I am not a mum, I was drawn to these inserts. I have seen them used and I just love how they look! Well I went onto the website and discovered that the 2013 diary was on sale, and I snapped it up for £2.50 instead of £7.50! There’s only half a year to go, so the first 5 months are a waste to me – I don’t need them. Nevertheless, it was quite a bargain!

They arrived very quickly (within two days or ordering!) and I love how the set looks!

Now the first couple of pages include personal information, useful numbers and a yearly calendar view which also includes 2014! Then it gets straight onto the diary. I really love the layout of these, and I hope I can make it work for me! I’ve decided that the last column is where I will track my exercise, and the other columns will just be used as long rows instead of boxes.

After the weekly diary, you will see a monthly diary. Each month has a checklist on the back where you can note things down that need doing. My only ‘problem’ with this, is that I think it would work a lot better if the checklists and months were on the same page. You can see here that February’s checklist is next to the March month.

What I really like about these inserts (although quite useless to me!) is the fact that in the August monthly section you will find a double page spread for a ‘Back to school checklist’. This would be great to track things that you need to buy like uniforms and school bags, and there’s even a size section so you can see all your children’s sizing at a glance! If anyone would like these pages for their Filofax then I would be happy to send them on!

I will be trying them out from next week, and I will write about my thoughts on the ‘My Week’ post on Sunday! (It will be the 23rd!)