NatStatWeek: My Favourite Pens

What’s a week dedicated to stationery without mention of pens, and colourful ones at that? If you’re part of the planner community, you will be well aware of the fascination with colour and different style of pen. There’s something different for every notebook, every idea, every method. Now I’m not a dedicated one brand of pen only person… As you’ll see below, I use a range of brands for different things.

NatStatWeek: My Favourite Pens |

Some people swear by fountain pens, some by gel pens, others with fineliners. Myself? Well I’m a huge fan of the simple ballpoint for my regular writing; in my planner, when taking notes and day to day things. I’ve never liked ‘wet’ pens because they’d always end up smudging or ending on up my hand/fingers, so for me the ballpoint just works perfectly. I’ve tried a few kinds, but currently my favourite is the Parker Jotter pen. Simple, pretty and easily refillable! It’s why I was pretty happy to see the BIC Cristal* pens in the pack I received for National Stationery Week. In high school, I lived off Bic biros so these brought back memories! The pen I use for my colour coding is a ballpoint – a Papermate Inkjoy four colour.

Remember me saying there was something different for every notebook or idea? Well in my blog planner, I use the Uni Pin fine line 0.05 for most writing, and a Papermate Flair for thicker titles. I don’t know why, but the creative aspect of this notebook feels like it needs a fineliner rather than a ballpoint… You get it, right? To add a bit of colour I’d usually use Staedtler fineliners but I’ve been testing the Graph’Peps* fineliners and the four colours that I received are lovely and bright. (There are 20 in total!) I think fineliners are perfect for adding a bit of colour because they dry quickly, come in thin or thick tips and have a deeper colour than pencils would have.

And finally, I have some brush pens. I’ve only recently started using these, but I love the effect you can get with your handwriting. They can be difficult to use to get it looking really good, but practise makes perfect… I just need to practise a lot more!

Do you use different types of pens for different things? Are you dedicated to one brand?


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*I have been given a gift pack to acknowledge the National Stationery Week event, but I have not been asked to write any particular reviews or information. As always, I would not write about something I did not like!