My Week in Wales – Part 3

imageAfter visiting Aberystwyth, we headed over to Bwlch Nant yr Arian to see the Red Kites being fed.

Red Kites are medium to large sized birds of prey – their wingspan is around 2 metres! A defining feature to look out for, when they are flying, is the forked tail. Female Kites are quite a bit smaller than the males, however their colouring is similar.

Red Kites had been labelled as Vermin, and the 16th Century brought ‘Vermin Acts’, requiring Red Kites to be exterminated. They were very nearly made extinct! Thankfully, Red Kite numbers are increasing again, and in Wales there are now over 600 breeding pairs.

The Red Kites at this feeding are mostly local to that area, and are fed daily. It is thought that some travel around 10 miles to get to the feeding. As we are currently in BST, the feeding took place at 3pm. We arrived at around 2pm, and saw a couple of Red Kites flying in the area. As 3pm drew closer, more Kites appeared. At 2:55pm, loads of Red Kites just suddenly appeared over the trees in the area. I had mentioned that there would be hundreds of birds, but my dad didn’t quite believe me… Well, he was pretty shocked when they all appeared! It really was a great sight!


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