My week #3

I feel like I’ve had quite a busy week… I really enjoyed my Animal Behaviour lecture, and am looking forward to the next!

I actually managed to blog a lot! I had told myself that I would do blog Fridays and Sundays for definite (Photography and Weekly posts) and then possibly Wednesdays if I had a review, and Monday for random subjects.

I didn’t actually get 3 yoga sessions done, which sucks, but I did go swimming. The swimming actually made my arms ache so much I felt like I couldn’t lift them on Thursday/Friday!

I ending up spending a lot this week – I’m expecting two packages! One is a dress for my birthday though, if I do go out. (I’ll be 21, how did that happen?!) I also ordered a personal domino as it was less than £7, and I will be picking it up from Tesco tomorrow… I needed a binder to hold inserts, and this was cheaper than buying the actual filofax insert binder!