My Week #25 (& a quick Organised Mum inserts week review)

So this week was the first week of using these inserts. Overall, I really liked them! I liked the fact that I could put all my exercise in one column – it gives a clearer view. Obviously, this format works and that’s why it’s good for mums… You can have a column for a child! It was a bit strange going from cotton cream paper to the bright white, but I think that makes my colour pens really pop! I think the major downside for me, is that I don’t feel like I can stick big sticky notes on there as they will cover a lot. We’ll see though!

imageI also bought a Bonsai tree this week! I love how these look, and I can’t wait to move into my new room so I can decorate and have my tree on my desk! I actually don’t know what type of tree this is, so maybe I should find that out… And if you have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them!

I’m already deciding on things that I want in my room, and items that I want to buy… I won’t be getting that room for at least another 3 weeks! I just can’t wait to get out of this box room! I’ve already decided that my room will have neutral colours. I want it to feel more nature-related.

And here are two photos of Charlie. Just because she’s cute!