My Week #12

Ugh, I have been horribly ill this week.

Monday was fine. Worked at the other B&M store in town as they needed help. Tuesday was okay – slight sore throat. Wednesday I only managed to drag myself out of bed at 11:30 because I felt horrendous. I hate lying in so late. My head was pounding and my throat was killing me. The cough started to appear… Thursday the cough was in full swing but I had to go into uni for a meeting. Same on Friday, though I had a lecture instead. Worked all weekend and this cough is still here. So not a nice week to be honest. That’s why my week looks quite empty!

23 days until I go to Finland though! I bought a new backpack that I’ll be using as my carry-on, and I’m going to test that out tomorrow. Not filling it as much as I will be for Finland, but I can see how it holds up with a day of walking! Going to Talkin Tarn to make the most out of the 100-400mm lens that I managed to book out.