My Favourite Youtubers

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

For the past year, my love for Youtube has steadily grown, and more often than not I will be catching up on videos rather than reading blogs, or reading my books… Basically, I’m just really nosy. I love watching people and seeing what they’re up to. It makes me wish I had a more interesting life… though I still end up stuck inside watching videos instead of having an interesting life ;) Here are some of my favourite Youtubers!


Ariel Bisset // Little Book Owl

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

I kind of stopped watching a lot of booktubers because I got bored of watching reviews, but I love these two and their content is more varied! I am definitely searching for more booktubers to follow though!


NaturallyStefanie // CarolineJulia

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

Both Vegan, both always showing lots of delicious food. NaturallyStefanie has a lot of fitness related videos too, and CarolineJulia has some fitness, and normal vlogs. I love watching them because they’re entertaining and they make me want to try lots of different foods.


Chloe Murray // Anna Brim

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

I’m putting Chloe and Anna together, because they both vlog about daily life, but also include crafty things too. Chloe is a scrapbooker and quite recently has been uploading moving vlogs which are super interesting to watch! Anna does a lot of journalling and mixed media, and also shows a lot of good food and recipes!


lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

Okay so I don’t really watch any of the ‘big’ vloggers, but I just can’t stay away from the SacconeJoly channel! They’re such a cute family, and always doing something interesting. Also, Emilia is just hilarious.

Tom Fletcher // GiovannasWorld

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

These two! They both post a mixture of videos, mainly just what they’ve been doing. They also include music and singing, books and writing and of course, the cutest little kid – Buzz. If you haven’t seen the Dandelion video, you need to.

Lynsey Macdonald

lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

Lynsey blogs about a variety but I found her for the TV related videos. Has a lot of interesting content and if you need inspiration on something new to watch, you’ll find something here!



lifeofkitty favourite youtubers

I felt like Adriene needed a mention, because her yoga videos are brilliant. The 30 Day series is a great way to get you moving, and the videos are just always so relaxing and helpful.

I’ve just realised that I hardly watch any male youtubers… Hmm, I’m sure there are plenty out there!
Got any new recommendations for me?