Lovely leather!

imageAfter getting my last pay check, I decided to treat myself for Christmas! I arrived home on Christmas Eve and opened the package then. It still isn’t completely set up – I need to buy some nice paper for my inserts! I do have my set-up planned out though!

The Holborn is made from soft Buffalo leather and it feels amazing. It is so soft and the brown is lovely. The Filofax just lies flat upon opening up, and it is flexible without being too soft. It holds it’s shape well, and is easy to write in! I really like the contrast stitching, and even the sectioned off bit on the left! (What is the name for that?!) I’m sure I didn’t like this when I first looked through all the Filofaxes, but seeing it in person changed that!

My main reason for buying the Holborn was the pockets. Having been in the Original for a while, I realised that more pockets would be helpful – I was using wallets and I didn’t like it! When I first spotted it in a shop, I was amazed at how nice the leather felt, but I also loved the inside layout! There are plenty of business card sized slots, and also four full length pockets (two in the front, two in the back) and also a zipped pocket! The zip in the Holborn is a lot easier to use than the one in my Finsbury!

I will do a post soon with my set-up. It is changing from what I used in my Original, as I have decided on a few things that I need to track!