Life in September ’16

3rd October 2016 3 min read

Life in September ’16

3rd October 2016 3 min read

I feel like we’ve been in September for ages. To be honest, the first half of September was hectic. I had so much going on. I actually blogged about all the main ‘events’ that happened in September, so I’m not going to write too much… But here’s a recap!


Completing the Wigan 10k

The month started with a 10k run on the 4th September, one I’d wanted to do since it started up 4 years ago. I wasn’t really sure how I’d get on, but I managed to beat my own PB at the 10k so I was super happy. I wrote a more in depth recap of my Wigan 10k experience. Just the other day actually I signed myself up for the first ever Wigan Half Marathon next March! Scary stuff.

Family Trip to Wales

Then my family travelled down to Cardigan Bay in Wales from the 6th-10th. It was the first full family holiday we’d had in years and it was nice to spend time together! Helps that the area was also gorgeous… I’ve done a couple of posts about this, visiting New Quay and about the Old Millers Cottage that we stayed in. I still actually have a few more photos to share from this trip though.


So Many Mcfly Concerts

Then from the 12th-14th I had three Mcfly concerts to attend. Yep. Not one, but three. They played every single album spread over the three nights, so I couldn’t just pick one. Well worth all the tiredness, the achniness and the lack of good food. Oh and getting absolutely soaked in the torrential rain to see Rupert Grint…


Family Wedding

On the 16th I went to a family wedding and again it was nice to just be with family. Some of this family we very rarely see, so it’s always good to catch up! On the Saturday a group of us went to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby and oh, funniest film I’ve seen all year! We were in stitches. Honestly at one point I could hardly see through all the tears because I was laughing so much. Definitely worth a watch.

Driving Freedom!

And finally – the biggest thing – I passed my driving test! I can now officially drive. I’ve been using my mum’s car for now and it’s just so strange driving alone. Good though. I can get to the gym in less than 10 minutes without having to run/walk/cycle, and I can get myself home from work when I finish late. When I have the car, that is. Now it’s just a case of looking for my own! I’ve got my eye on a cute Citroen C3 but I’m not committed. We’ll see.


Other than those things, I’ve had a few good nights with friends – doing the pub quiz, watching films, drinking etc – and we’ve had a really good finish to the rugby season. This week is the rugby Super League Grand Final so I’m super excited for that. A busy yet exciting September was had. And now we’re on the countdown to Christmas! Sorry, not sorry.

Was your September a busy one?


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