Life in October ’16

Has October been special? It’s been ridiculously busy with work, that’s for sure. These months are all just flying by and blending into one, it’s hard to remember where each one stops.

Life in October '16

First Park Run

Now I’m driving it’s a lot easier to get to my local Park Run. Instead of having to get a bus there before 8am, I can jump in the car and rock up at the park just before 9am to catch the start. I’ve done three this month so I’m pretty pleased with that! Also managed to get last weeks 5km in under 30 minutes – my first ever! Park Run is a proper community, and it’s nice to see so many people getting together every week. Also, how pretty are the surroundings in the Autumn?!

Winning the Grand Final

Okay so not so interesting if you’re not a rugby (league!) fan, or from Wigan… But we got to Old Trafford and we grabbed that Grand Final win. Did I enjoy the match? Not completely… Honestly it was the most stressful and tense 80 minutes of my life, it’s hard to enjoy when you’re hiding behind your fingers ha! The atmosphere was incredible though and our boys worked and worked to get that win. Watching it again on the recording when we got in was way more relaxing.

Life in October '16


I was working until 11pm on the Saturday 29th, so just got changed at work and met friends out in town. I know it wasn’t technically Halloween, but it was the closest Saturday and I was surprised at how few people were actually dressed up! We all had a good time though and I’m glad I went after work. Plus, I had the Sunday off so no need to get up early! Actual Halloween I spent in work, but I did take part in the #Hallowreadthon over the Sunday/Monday and got a fair bit of reading done.


I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time at work this month and not much else. Few nights out with friends, lazy days in on my days off work. I have been car hunting these past couple of weeks though and it’s so difficult! Twice I’ve spotted a car and been just that little bit too late to get it. I’ve got a viewing later today though and this one seems promising so wish me luck!

Life in October '16


Yesterday I listened to Michael BublĂ©’s Christmas album… Gotta get that first listen out of my system! Yep, had to. Now it’s time to get some Christmas shopping done and get prepared. I was actually sensible this year and have been sending money to my sister for those Parks Love2Shop vouchers. Now I have money to spend on presents and I don’t have to use my wages! Winner. I’m so excited for Christmas though, it’s definitely the best holiday.

How was your October?


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