Life in November ’16

30th November 2016 2 min read

Life in November ’16

30th November 2016 2 min read

Has October been special? It’s been ridiculously busy with work, that’s for sure. These months are all just flying by and blending into one, it’s hard to remember where each one stops.

Life in November '16 |

I Bought A Car!

Yep, if you hadn’t seen me mention it enough already, I bought a car. It’s exciting okay! I couldn’t not mention it considering it’s the biggest thing I did in November so here it is again. I have freedom thanks to this cute little Citroen C1.

Park Run

I’ve managed to fit a couple more Park Runs in and I’m still loving it. 9am on a Saturday morning is freezing cold, but the views really are something else. The sun has just about risen, but there’s still that golden light lingering about and it shines through the wintery fog. Or it’s hammering down with rain and you’re getting absolutely soaked. Really depends on your luck that week. I’m in the North West of England after all.

Life in November '16 |

Fantastic Beasts

OH. ALL THE FEELS. I was not prepared for this film. Honestly I wasn’t expecting too much – or rather, I didn’t want to expect too much because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Well, I was not disappointed. I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends but for me it felt like the world of Harry Potter was back. The magic was back.

Fantastic Beasts focused very much on the wizarding world as a whole – as in, we saw more ‘everyday’ magic and it was just about the actual world rather than revolving around just Harry, Voldemort and Hogwarts. Obviously things were happening and there was some ‘bad’ in there but it just felt like we had more magic.

Random things were mentioned from the Potter books though and we were even treated to that famous little tune. It made me all tingly inside, not gonna lie. Eddie Redmayne was A++ as Newt and now I love him even more than I did before. Also, can I please have a bowtruckle? So yep, I loved it and I’m so excited for the next one!

Life in November '16 |


What else has happened? Not much to be honest. Work has been horrendously busy thanks to Fantastic Beasts coming out. I’ve attempted to make a start on Christmas shopping but I’m not doing too well to be honest. Just over a week to go until both works’ Christmas parties and I don’t have an outfit for either yet, or a complete present for my Secret Santa. I seem to be back on the blogging game though so that’s good, my words are actually coming out!


Now I’m just ready to get the tree up, the Christmas music playing, the Christmas jumpers out and for Blogmas to begin!

How was your November?


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