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Oh it’s been a funny year so far! It feels like we’ve been in 2017 forever, yet I also feel like I haven’t had time to do anything. I’m just being dramatic because y’know, I do waste countless hours in bed morning/night scrolling through Instagram…

Life Lately |


Oh life. I feel like all I’ve been doing is working, eating and sleeping with the weekly outing with friends or my boyfriend to fill in my day(s) off. In the grand scheme of things, I am actually happy with where I am. I would of course like just one full time job instead of two part time (because splitting myself between two can be exhausting!) but I love the people I work with and I do (for the most part) like my jobs. Not including the awful woman who shouted at me over the weekend because she booked a ticket for the Saturday and tried watching the film on Sunday… fun times.

I’m 24 now. I thought I’d be close to moving out to be honest and I’m not, but I’ve accepted that. My savings have finally been started and I feel like I’m at least heading in the right direction… Someone, please help me to adult!


This is one thing that has pretty much stayed on track so far this year! I mean I’m still mostly only hitting two runs a week, but I’ve done a 13.5km and 15km run now so I know my legs have it in them. 30 something days until the half marathon, and whilst I feel like I’m way behind on training, people have told me I’m doing well so you know, that helps! I also managed to hit a PB in my 10km time in the Blackburn Winter Warmer so that’s all good!


Well, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat hasn’t it?! I’m working odd shifts and on my days off, as I mentioned above, I’ve been out with either friends or my boyfriend so photo taking, writing and the like hasn’t been as easy as I’d like. Same with blog reading. I’ve read a few when I’ve spotted them on Twitter but I’ve been so awful at keeping up and I apologise for that!

My aim over this weekend (in between shifts – because a 1-9 and 9:30-3:15 make things difficult) is to try to at least write a couple of posts and read a few posts. I’m not sure I’ll manage to get any photos because of the lighting but we’ll see. I have loads of ideas, it’s just getting them written down which is the problem! Fear not though, I am still here. Posts will continue to be sporadic but I am hoping to get two a week up. Fingers crossed!

2017, you are a weird year.


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