Life in July ’16

July has been a bit of a weird month to be honest. Filled with ups and downs, and being over with far too quickly! What happened?


Spa Day

It was my sister’s birthday mid-July so we went on a little spa break at the Last Drop Village. Such a great experience – really relaxing and it honestly just felt like we were on holiday. Nice to get away! If you haven’t been to a spa before or had a massage then I’d definitely recommend it. So worth the money.



I’ve definitely picked back up my fitness and I’m loving it. I’ve done a few runs this month and I’m really looking to do the Wigan 10k in September. I know that I’m not at the fitness I was for the Manchester 10k last year, but I’m just going to take it as a good experience. I do need to get my day off request confirmed, so as long as that’s fine I’ll be doing it! I did an RPM class for the first time last week and it pretty much killed me off. My legs ached so much that night and the day after!


The Downs…

Okay so first off we lost George. He was only gone for a night, but oh it was so scary. I kept having visions of him just being squashed on the road. Well he’d decided to have a little wander to a house two doors down. The old couple found him in their garden, figured he must be a pet and took him in. Not before watching him attempting (and failing) to climb their steps though and having a good giggle! They named him Cyril apparently… I made my dad take some flyers round to our closest neighbours and as soon as he got in the couple rang. So happy he’s back!

And the major disappointment… I failed my driving test. Yep. Sooo annoyed at myself. I just let my nerves get to me I think and made a silly mistake at some lights with priority. The examiner used his brakes and well, that was only 10 minutes in. I knew I’d failed then but I kept going. Only ended up having two minors besides that stop. I’ve got another booked but it’s ages away so I’m currently watching for cancellations. I’ll get it next time. Positive thoughts. I so wanted to be the first in my family to pass their test the first time…


As of now, the summer holidays have started, big films are coming out and work is busy, busy, busy. Overall I’ve been feeling good this month though despite what has happened. I feel like I’m just ready to properly better myself and do what I want.

How was your July?


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