Life in September

September has been busy, but only because I started an internship in digital marketing! My weeks have been filled with work, and my weekends have been filled with mostly family. I feel like September has been a good ‘un.


I watched the start of the Wigan 10k and it just made me really wish I’d entered myself in. Next year, I’m definitely going to do it – what a great atmosphere! I also started focusing on making healthy lunches. It’s all too easy to waste money on quick lunches in town, and I really didn’t want to do that. It’s been going well so far, with just the odd vegetable pasty from greggs… I also had an interesting guest post on being a vegetarian from Heather @ ofbeautyandnothingness.


Going to a farm to pick fresh berries is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and we finally did it at the beginning of September. Plenty of raspberries and blackberries could be found, and it was nice to get out there together! The sun was also shining, and that always helps. I just wish we’d gone a little earlier in the Summer to get strawberries!


I love my rugby, I really do. Rugby league that is. I haven’t watched my team regularly since I went to uni considering most of the season was played whilst I was there. This summer I’ve been to a few, and this month I managed to catch the U19s playing their Grand Final and winning! The first team played great that night too. On my way there, I noticed this tree and it’s the first I’ve properly noticed with Autumn colours. I love Autumn, and I love that all the best holidays are approaching, but I really, really hate the cold weather and the dark nights. Thinking about Christmas helps!


The most exciting thing this month – my lovely little cousin was born! Oh she’s so cute, and I was able to spend some time photographing her. Did you know that it’s really difficult to go through your photos and delete the ‘bad’ ones when you’re photographing a newborn… They always look cute! She’s 11 days old in this photo if I’ve counted correctly.

We also did some baking, and in a house of 5, these goodies did not last long at all. I’m talking 2 days, and what you can’t see is another plate of biscuits off camera… They were delicious though, and having a brownie in my otherwise healthy lunch definitely felt like a treat!

In other news, I posted a couple of DSLR help posts, focusing on APERTURE and EXPOSURE/SHUTTER SPEED. I’ve got another post coming tomorrow about RAW vs JPEG files, so look out for that one! I also managed to tick off a few things on my 101 in 1001, and I’m pleased with the progress I’m making so far.

Yep, that was my September. I’ve also been going to the gym 3 times a week so I’m not surprised I’m feeling tired this week! On Sunday I’m jetting of to Lanzarote – sun, sea and lots of good relaxation. I can’t wait! How was your month?


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