Life in October

Look back, it feels like October was pretty quiet. I’m not a fan of the cold, dark nights, and I just don’t want to do anything in the evenings when it’s like that. Maybe that can be a goal for November – do more.

Life in October |


I finally took the plunge and made myself a foodie instagram: @runliftkt. I’m always salivating over the food photos on Instagram so I figured that, by making one, it’d help me make better foods, and it would mean I could join in! I’m hoping that I can get a bit of baking done over the next couple of weeks!

The biggest thing to happen in October was our family holiday. It was a relaxing week, and I wish I was still there. Missing the heat, the fresh food and the abundance of reading time! I have a post about Puerto Del Carmen, and one about the delicious food in Lanzarote. I have our diving videos to share, but I’m having a bit of trouble – hopefully they will be up this week! It was such an incredible experience.

Life in October |


I managed to pick up a few good books this month, and read lots of good ones too. That’s always the advantage of being on holiday – you can get through tons of books! I haven’t actually read the Philosophers stone yet, but I keep flipping through to look at the illustrations.

Life in October |


And lastly, Halloween! As I had a party to go to, this year was the first time I’d dressed up for ages. We had a good night at my sisters, and actually managed to get a photo of all five of us! Not something that happens very often…

Now November is here, it’s Christmas time! Yes, I’m one of those people and I love it. I’ll be sticking on my Michael BublĂ© Christmas CD in no time. What about you?

Life in October |


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